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A-1 Pro Carpet Care is committed to find and use cleaning products which are effective and environmentally friendly.

We also carefully remove and properly dispose of all waste and contaminants so that your home is left clean and healthy without impacting the environment.

A-1 Pro Carpet Care is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), an independent, non-profit certifying body.

A-1 Pro Carpet Care, is a family-owned business with over 9 years of experience.  Our owner, Daniel Pacheco manages the day to day operations of the company and is involved in every step of each project from the time an initial call comes in until the work is completed.

A-1 Pro Carpet Care uses the Sapphire Scientific 370 truck mounted steam extraction equipment with its revolutionary water heating system for several reasons:

  • The Sapphire Scientific 370 delivers the hottest water of any truck mounted in its class coupled with the strongest vacuum.

  • Steam cleaning and rinsing with water is more thorough than dry extraction. Recent tests confirm that this system results in superior cleaning.

  • The rotary extraction method, in particular, provides better overall cleaning, as deep bedded soil, germs and other contaminants are extracted.

  • We don’t use your electricity or hot water. Our equipment is powered by a truck mounted generator and designed to heat cold water to up to 235° F. You get the benefits of hot water without the cost.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a healthy indoor environment by removing many of the indoor contaminants. This includes dirt, grime, odors and irritants that trigger allergic reactions.

Throughout our history we have developed superior technology and processes with one goal in mind – a healthy indoor environment!

We are the choice for many homeowners, realtors and businesses. Why do so many individuals choose us for their cleaning needs?

A-1 Pro Carpet Team
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