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We use top of the line equipment for air duct cleaning. We use a powerful truck mounted system that has a suction power of about 12,000 CFM's "cubit feet per minute" They work by sucking the debris from the entire network of ductwork using a large 8" hose attached to your ductwork. The primary benefit of a truck mounted system is it can clean the entire ductwork system and get into spaces that can't be reached by a system that doesn't create negative pressure. We also have the option to use a powerful portable vacuum that creates up to 5000 CFM's to do the jobs a truck mounted can't reach. 


An air compressor is used to clean the ductwork by pushing all the dirt and debris towards the vacuum with 175 PSI of pressure. Various attachments are used, such as forward and reverse pushing heads to direct the airflow. 


For stubborn material, an octopus whip can be used. It has eight rubber fingers that whip around the ductwork. Air rods can be connected together to reach the furthest nook and cranny of your ductwork.


In addition, there are disinfectants that can be used during a duct cleaning. We use Decon 30 it's a botanical disinfectant it's effective at neutralizing odors and killing any bacteria or mold growth inside your ducts.


Two technicians will arrive in uniform, wearing a name badge and mask throughout the cleaning. They will also use shoe covers before entering your home. Once they arrive they will need to park their vehicle in the driveway so that the hoses and other tools can reach your ductwork. 



Before they begin, they'll take a few minutes to discuss the entire process and go over any questions or concerns you may have. They will then assess the ductwork and come up with a plan. Afterwards, they will have you take them on a tour to every room in the house to locate the supply and return vents. Then the prep work begins, which includes:



  • laying down drop cloths and protecting the walls with corner guards

  • Running the vacuum hose from the truck to the main trunk line

  • Gathering the compressor hose

  • Set up all tools in the work space

  • And sealing off all the registers and vents with grill masks


After that the vacuum is hooked to the trunk line and turned on. I will warn customers that the vacuum is loud and will be running continuously for a few hours . We recommend homeowners with pets or family members sensitive to sounds to be away from the house. We begin by going to each supply and return vent and use compressed air to clean the vents and blow any debris down into each trunk run. Our objective is to push or pull all the debris in each run towards the vacuum. Next, we focus on the trunks themselves to push the debris trapped inside to the vacuum. We clean each individual duct run using a combination of air rods, reverse and forward pushing heads, or the octopus whip. Along the way, we’ll take before and after pictures to make sure we have gotten the air ducts as clean as possible


Once the ducts are all clean we take the added step in cleaning the air return drop and plenum using the same methods of loosening all the dust and debris and pushing it all towards the vacuum. And if there is a new air filter available, we’ll change your furnace filter, as well. If a disinfectant has been requested we'll spray it into the ductwork at this time.

Once everything is cleaned we will sweep the area where we’ve been working and pack up our tools. As this is being done the lead technician will go over everything with you and share the photos taken throughout the cleaning. 

We offer our air duct cleaning services to the following locations: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, & the surrounding area!

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