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Cleaning Area Rugs Is Best Done With Professionals

Great care is necessary when cleaning area rugs, especially if it’s an old or delicate piece. Silk, Oriental, and Persian rugs, in particular, have to be handled gently, or they can sustain permanent damage. For these jobs, it is best to leave it to the professionals, as industry experts have access to special equipment and detergents that will preserve the integrity and colors of the fibers and backing.

Before cleaning area rugs, professionals will first remove loose dust from the piece, usually with a gentle vacuum or carpet sweeper. After extracting all the loose dust and dirt, the professional will test the fibers to determine which detergents can be used safely on the piece. The best solution for the job will be worked into the fibers with a soft bristle agitator, and the process may be repeated a couple times until the water rinses clear.

After all of the soil has been extracted the piece has been thoroughly cleaned, it will go in a special centrifuge that spins the rug until all remaining water has been removed. At this point, the rug is hung on a rack to dry for several hours and groomed to align the fibers. By the time the rug arrives back at your home, it will look and feel like it did the day you got it.

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