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How to Get Really Sticky Food Stains out of Carpet

The kid knocked a bucket of fried chicken onto the carpet. Nothing we've tried can take the stain out. Suggestions?

Grease is tough stuff. Getting it out requires an alkaline cleaner, a solvent, or both. Start with an alka line cleaner.

I've removed grease stains by first adding a generous amount of Murphy Oil Soap and then gently rubbing in some Borax until it forms a paste. I let that set and then wash the area. It works well, but it's messy.

If cleaning doesn't remove the stain, dissolving it with dry-cleaning fluid might. Most laymen don't know that you can buy it, but you can get it at hardware stores and on the Web. Apply liberally and then blot with a paper towel. Test it on an inconspicuous area first.

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